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Andrea Grattaroli / Studio Kuadra


Fatti+inlà (Move over a bit!) is a creation by Andrea Grattaroli of Studio Kuadra and is an example of his fertile creativity. The design represents an imaginary row of birds on the ledge of a building. One of the birds, the cuckoo, pushes its way out of its house taking its place in the row. The inspiring concept is quite simple but the final result is very elegant. This clock can be hung on a wall or placed on a surface. The twenty-two wooden birds are all handmade and are aligned on two perfectly balanced wooden blocks. The twenty-third bird chirps every hour moving forward and bowing. Two very fine hands tell the time. The clock comes in two versions: black with white hands or white with black hands. It is made of wood and is varnished with non-toxic paint. The back of the clock is in metal which facilities hanging and gives a stylish finish to the whole item. The battery run cuckoo mechanism has a photosensitive sensor that automatically turns off the cuckoo sound in the absence of light. It also has a switch to regulate the volume of the cuckoo sound or to switch it off completely.

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